Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.


These photographs represent the world as it has chosen to present itself to me.

Many images have been taken while I was in one or another remote destination – I have been fortunate occasionally to have traveled far from home. Other images have been taken on day trips, some within a mile of my home.


There is much to be seen everywhere, if we take the time to look. I am quite serious when I say that these images have asked me to take them, rather than the other way around: many of my favorite photographs have happened when I slowed down, and was seeing things, as opposed to looking for them while en route to my next stop.

My tastes are eclectic: places, things, people, things that people are doing, or things that have evolved – or devolved – after people are done with them. How else would one find the skeleton of a fish in an industrial driveway, miles from the nearest water? I hope it leads to questions: why would anybody *put* that intact skeleton there?  I seek irony: homeless people sleeping outside a bedding store; a tray of chicken parts, on a cage of live birds - unaware that they are next. There are more like these.


We attempt to bring our children to a state of readiness for the world. I have also tried to bring my images to a state where they can speak to you for themselves: perhaps as they have spoken to me, perhaps not – that conversation is between you, the viewer, and the photograph. Some images, as some children, may need more guidance than others, but their underlying personalities remain uniquely theirs. Therefore, some images are presented “straight out of the camera”; others are painted with one or another broad brush, with a goal of helping their essence come to the fore. In either case, I have tried to treat them kindly.

The majority of my images have been taken digitally, using anything from low-priced pocketable cameras through semi-professional equipment; a handful have been scanned from older slides. I use relatively basic Photoshop tools, but all that is secondary: if my images are pleasing to you, I have succeeded; if not, blame the painter, not the canvas or the brush.


Again, thank you. I welcome your comments.